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how to organize your kid's backpack

I love to organize, and backpacks are no exception.  I remember when I was a kid, my backpack always was clean and new and perfect at the beginning of the school year.  Fast forward a month or two and, well, not so much anymore.  Without a good system in place, anything can fall into a disorganized mess, and backpacks are no exception.  Now that school has been in session for awhile, I think it’s the perfect time to share my secrets for backpack organization.

My number one rule with organizing is for everything to have a home.

If every single item that you own has a place where it lives (comfortably...not just shoved in), it becomes so much easier to stay tidy.  So let’s break down your son or daughter’s backpack and what ideally lives in there.

1. The “School to Home, Home to School” Folder:  I like to keep a folder for papers that go to and from school.  Get in the habit of checking it when the kids get home each afternoon, and you can remind your child or his teacher to check it at school.  This can be for homework, permission slips, tests to sign, etc.  If you like to get crafty (LIKE ME), you can dress it up with some patterned washi tape.


2. Pencil case: Don’t let your kiddo be the one that can never find a writing utensil.  Keep them all neatly contained in a cute zipper bag, and throw a few colored pencils and fun erasers in there to keep things interesting.


3. Comfort Kit: Put some essentials together to keep your kid (or yourself, let’s be honest) as comfortable as possible.  It’s hard to learn when you’re hungry or not feeling well, so I like to keep a case with lip balm, band aids, hand sanitizer, tissues, and a snack on hand.  You can also customize this!  If you have older kids, add some money, cell phone, headphones, cough drops, etc.


Pro Tip: while you can’t send your kids to school with medicine, make sure to keep your favorite medicines or products on hand to keep them feeling good while they’re at school.  I’m all about keeping synthetics and anything artificial out of my body, so my pick is products from Genexa, like Cold Crush for kids.


4. Something Fun: Waiting is boring (for the bus, for the doctor, etc.), so having a book or game handy can be a lifesaver.  Try mixing it up and putting something new for them to find once in awhile, it’ll be a cute surprise!  (SIDE NOTE: I’m dying to try this cat stacking game - how adorable is this?!)


5. Luggage Tag: This is such a useful tool for your child’s backpack for many reasons.  You can use it as intended and write a name and phone number on it in case the bag is lost, but you can also use it as a checklist.  List the things they should remember on the back (lunch, jacket, water bottle, homework) and they’ll learn to never forget the essentials for school.


Extra Credit: This list is in no way comprehensive.  If your child brings lunch to school, that should go in the backpack!  You can also add a water bottle, school books, or an umbrella if you live somewhere rainy.


That’s it!  Your new & improved backpack.  And don’t worry if it doesn’t stay this organized right away.  Remember that the path to an organized life involves some practice and maintenance, but I promise that if you stick with it you’ll be much calmer & happier (and your kids will be, too).

Note: This piece was sponsored by Genexa, but all views, opinions, and ideas are mine.