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how to keep your teeth white (naturally)


I like white teeth.  Both on myself, and on others.  But mostly on myself.  And on people I date.  I've tried using gels and lights and strips and UGH can we please talk about how that makes your teeth quickly become averse to anything hot or cold, NO THANK YOU.  Thus, I've had to take measures into my own hands.  

Let's preface this by saying that I am obviously not a doctor or a dentist or a healthcare professional of any shape or size.  (My dad is a doctor which sometimes makes me think I'm a doctor too, but I'm not.)  However, I tend to be intuitive about what my body wants and needs and likes, so I've come up with a white teeth regimen that works well for me so I thought I'd share.  

LET THE ADVICE GIVING BEGIN (I like giving advice, did you know?).  

Step 1: Swishing With Coconut Oil.  This is also known as oil pulling.  I started it a couple of years ago after I read about how it "draws toxins from your body" and that sounded very attractive to me.  I have no idea if I have any less toxins as a result of this process, but I can tell you what I do have: better breath.  And whiter teeth.  Coconut oil (get the unrefined kind) is antibacterial and swishing it around in your mouth for 10 - 20 minutes every morning helps kill sneaky bacteria in your mouth.  Also, I've found that if I start to get a sore throat (and I have so many allergies, don't get me started, so my throat gets scratchy a lot), oil pulling will often make that symptom go away wayyyy more quickly than if I didn't swish some oil around in there.  So there ya go.

Step 2: Brushing Rinse.  This is a new fav.  I tried it at this natural product expo I went to earlier this year and it's a game changer.  You swish it around for a few seconds and then brush the rinse onto your teeth.  The hydrogen peroxide makes your teeth kinda tingly and clean feeling and I swear it whitens them.  

Step 3: Natural Toothpaste.  Let's talk about fluoride. I used it growing up and it seemed fine, but now I have a choice and feel like I don't want to deal with all the scary things people sometimes attribute to it.  And if my teeth can be strong and healthy without it (I just got a cleaning!  my dentist is proud!), then why not go all natural?  My new love is this toothpaste from Dr. Sheffield's.  I have been using lots of different natural toothpaste brands for years and this one by far tastes the best.  And your teeth stay feeling clean for awhile so YAY omg I'm gonna go brush my teeth right now.

That's it kids.  Just some teeth tips.  Remember, I'm not a dentist.  But also, try these things because I'm a very honest person!