Julianna Strickland


I'm going to try to keep a blog going!  Check it out!

why i make things

Hi!  Welcome to this space where I'm going to maybe sometimes write about things.  I've never really kept up a blog, but I often have things I want to share (and if you know me personally, you know I can talk).  I'm always trying new products, cooking new things, crafting new projects, etc., so check back if you feel like we're kindred spirits and wanna see what's going on.

To start, I wanted to write a little about why I do what I do.  I've always enjoying making something out of nothing.  As a kid I could most often be found crafting, baking, and dreaming up new businesses (see below for proof).

In college, I spent just as much time cooking for my classmates as I did making movies.  I liked film school, but I wasn't fully satisfied unless I was making videos about food or DIY.  When I eventually founded Cinema & Spice with Natasha Feldman in 2012, I finally felt something click.  I realized I wanted to create useful, beautiful videos that could teach people how to cook, how to take care of their homes, and how to feel good in their bodies.  I love the challenge of making content - working with a crew, innovating, collaborating - but I also never want to stop getting my hands dirty.  And I think that's essential if I'm taking on the role of offering advice to people.  I want to be the one who is testing and trying things, I want to hold myself accountable for knowing that the projects and recipes and ideas I'm producing are great and can be replicated.  I also think that the art of taking care of your home, feeding yourself and your family well, and looking and feeling beautiful can often be pushed aside.  In a busy life, these can be the first things that are overlooked.  But I find immense joy in these tasks.  Grocery shopping is honestly one of my favorite activities.  I love being creative at home, cooking for people I love, throwing amazing parties.  These little joys culminate in a life that I deeply love, and without them I would feel much less satisfied.

I hope that as I continue this journey, I can help people like myself find more ways to love these simple tasks.  I've found that as I grow older, life becomes increasingly busy, and I hope to remember to never lose the spark of happiness I feel in taking care of myself and my home.